About Me

I m shivani singhi ,founder of Maapreneur a proud mother, a mom influencer,blogger ,podcast creator through which I share the knowledge,secrets, experiences with relation to relationship,parenting, Pregnancy Weight Loss, Healthy food, Child Growth, Pre-Pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy. Maapreneur is a story of my experiences and learnings during motherhood. Motherhood journey starts from the time a women begin’s to plan a baby (conceiving) to healthy pregnancy, connecting with your baby and a healthy  delivery etc.all these aspects form foundation of any womens motherhood journey. Maapreneur is an effort to cover all the aspects in details, so that every women can benefit from my experiences and my special techniques to “conceive naturally, training your child in the womb (grabhsanskar) to have in built special positive qualities”. Maintaining balance between Marriage, Personal life and Baby is a challenge, my Goal is to help Women achieve this Balance. I will share more additional information regarding these Topics. To connect with Maapreneur you can Follow my posts on Instagram, Anchor FM, SoundCloud, Spotify.,and google podcast.